Thailand Agricultural Foresight 2020

Thai agriculture sector employs 49% of the population and contributes 10% of GDP. There are significant opportunities and very many challenges on this sector. From this token APEC CTF, STI partnership with academia, organizations have assisted and facilitated “Thailand Agricultural Foresight 2020” exploring and envisioning possible futures of what could be in the coming years, in order not only to survive but to thrive, and sustain in those harsh environments. The meaning of the agriculture in this concern covers the entire value chain i.e., upstream, midstream and downstream (including food and farming, agri-agro industry, business, national/international pressures).

The foresight process took place from September 2010 until May 2011. It comprised two main workshops and one public hearing. Key stakeholders and experts, more than 100 participants; from relevant public/private sectors and communities throughout the value chain expressed and consolidated their visions, criticisms, and suggestions. Findings resulted in 3 scenarios: 1. Mai-Pah (native tree) 2. Mai-Liang (fed plant) and 3. Mai-Lom (dead tree).


The findings caught public attention; they had been disseminated, published and broadcasted in mass Medias such as: newspapers, papers, websites, and free TV channel. They stimulate stakeholders: people, networks, government, policy and decision makers of relevant sectors ready to take this new awareness into account for their future actions.