STI Foresight Workshop “Foresight Tools for Policy Formulation”



     On 5th – 6th March 2019, The APEC Center for Technology Foresight (APEC CTF), hosted by the Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office, together with the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), has hosted the “STI Foresight Workshop: Foresight Tools for Policy Formulation” at the Pathumwan Princess Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. The Workshop was administered by distinguished speakers who are experts at foresight and future studies: Dr. Ozcan Saritas - Professor of Innovation and Foresight at the National Research University, Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow; Honorary Professor at Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester; and Editor-in-chief of “Foresight” – and Dr. Kuniko Urashima – Unit Manager of Foresight, Science and Technology Foresight Center, National Institute of Science & Technology Policy (NISTEP), Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (MEXT), of Japan.


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     The workshop was participated by more than 70 policymakers, academic-sector experts, and other interested professionals from across Thailand. Its main focus was to provide participants, coming from various academic, governmental and business-related organizations, with fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience in working with foresight methodologies during the various sessions. In addition, the workshop was designed to encourage participation amongst the attendees, making use of multiple groupwork sessions alongside presentations, as well as to encourage network-building initiatives between the participants, so as to provide a contribution to the foundations of future upcoming policymaking initiatives using foresight.


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